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>> this is the fox report. tonight irs is targeting conservative americans for. it was low- level employees doing bad things. is it possible that the people anyhow conservative groups were singled out to pay more taxes? we should mention they did say they were sorry. >> the tax agency inappropriate low targeted the groups with patriot and tea party in their
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name. the calls are growing louder for the iers to change their ways. >> astronauts tries to patch a leak on the space station. their mission above the earth. in minutes soughted up to find the smoking gun. british royalty hanging out with wounded warriors. prince harry in the warrior games in rocky mountain country. >> i am haris faulkner. sometimes i'm sorry does not cut. it that's what understand in the presidential season. the irs admitted low level workerce targeted conservatives with tea party and patriots in
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their name. the agency apologyized and said the top level officials didn't not know what understand. but the report shows the senior officials anyhow what was going on as early as 20len. one patriot rejects the apology and demanding reznition for the outrageous a bows of government power. the stunning admission from the congress. mitch mcconnell calling for a government- wide review. molly has the story in washington. molly, how far back does this go? 2012 or 2011? the inspector g will reulose
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information showing that lois learner anyhow about the targeting of conservative groups back in june 2011, but her former boss douglas shulman told congress that there was no targeting of conservative groups. the highest levels of the irs was not privy until later. this is what the increased skrutine boit is locks like. >> they wanted every single comment on face book page and everything that our supporters talked to. it is a violation of our first
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amendment rights. >> groups can get tax exempt status. as long as advocacy is not the mission. >> there is one republican house member who said the revow is fine, but an investigation is better. >> republican congressman darryl issa said because they were targeted because of block beliefs is unconskoinable. they will hold responsible officials accountable for the block retaliation. white house spokesman jay carney said if it took place, the president would want the matter on on investigated.
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and the investigation in the compound in benghazi. we lost four americans in the attack on benghazi. law makers and family members have pleaded for answers. there was a hearing and they are speaking out. jim michael jordan said what we heard on wednesday may be the beginning. he is joining other law makers and saying more hearings are necessary to get to the truth. >>i >> even the democrats say we need morement we need secretary clinton. this comes as the white white plays dependence. the official talking points are revised 12 times. the white house and state
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department were going to give to the public through susanne rice and drop the reference to terrorism. doug has more. >> a tough day for jay carney. the white house press cooper and not just fox gained occupy carne who strugged to find answers with the 12 revisions on the talking points. the first draft said, we do know that islamic extremist participated in the attack. the final attack that susan rice delivered on the five sunday talk shows made no mention and the remarks about the anti- islam film were not true. >> we anyhow based on the intelligence testimony that extremist were involved and
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there were suspicion of what affiliation they might have been but there was not concrete evidence. >> the former state department spok spok spokeswoman show objects. the early cia draft could be a bowed by the members of congress and so why would we want to foed that either. the revised talking about had reference to ansar al-sharia. the talking points did not go for the leadership. and when asked today house minoritty leaderinance -- nancy pelosi said it is not trough.
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>> it has to do with the people we lost that night. emotional new reaction from the mother of one of the benghazi victims. tomorrow marks the first mother's day since pat smith lost her son in the terrorism attack. >> i am waiting for answers to everything. i want to say one thing. i want to wish hillary a happy's mother day. she has her child. i don't have mine, because of her. >> pat smith mother of shawn smith, second from the left on the screen. shawn do ied with our ambassador to libya and the navy seals last september 11th. >> the house where throw women
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were held prisonner for a decade is now boarded up. authorities are placing a chain link fence around it. they are trying to lead a normal life. there are questions about michelle knoit. she was discharged from the hospital yesterday. garrett, the report of what this particular welcome went through. show was taken two years early, where is she there. >> the same question is michelle knight's family is asking. the family hasn't spoken with michelle, they haven't seen her. we spoke with the fbi this afternoon and michelle is surrounded boy people who cared about her and it is her decision of whether or not she wants to
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reach out to her family, haris. one of the victims is amanda berry. dna shows ariel castro is the father of the little girl. >> it bolsters the prosecution's case and making one of the rape charges as close to a sure thing that you can get. the fbi is running it through the national data base to see if there is any other connection to the crimes. >> haris. >> garrett is live in ohio tonight. a new report. russia with held a key piece of information that could have helped us stop the boston bombing. in 2011 the russia is not an
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alert about tamerlan tsarnaev. the text messages discussed jiand u.s. officials were not told about the context of the text messages until a week after the bombings in 20 len, the united states asked for more information. >> our nation's finest awarded in the white white. the president said how americans once again saw what men and women in uniform are made of. >> police officers and first responders runners toward the explosion. and law enforcement from different parts of the country, working as one united teem and identified the suspects and
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bring them to justice. >> among them a new jersey police officer who crawled under live wires to help his trapped partner in hurricane sandy. >> and a new york policemen who was shot in the chest and off doubt at the time. and eight officers first to respond to the dead-heads -- deadly mass shooting. early this morning in the people's house as well. a scare in the west wing. reporters and photographers were evacuated because of smoke. it was out of an abundance of caution. the first family were not
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affected. riot now a huge car maker issuing a recall. half million vehicles are at risk. we are getting details and will share them with you. usually space walks are planned in advance. not this time. astronauts are scrambling. that repair job left no time to waste. and you think after the shotting in coloado. and a man walking in a movie theater packing. stay close. .
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collin counorado
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>> astronauts completing a rare and improtu space walk. no evidence of coolant leaks. they are watching it and it will be days before they can declare victory. steve, how serious did this get? >> ordinarily nas coordinates the space walks. they were tethered outside ten hours today. and searching for the leak of ammonia and they replaced the pump where the leak was coming from. that appears to be plugged. but throughout the process,
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there was not dafnger to to the crew. >> it was leaking there before. it is a 15 yore old space station. this is the kind of mission we prepare for. so far the pump is holding up well. >> steve harris, thank you very much. >> a major recall coming from chrysler. the detroit automaker recalling jeeps because they can shift in neutral when the vehicle is going and started. the recall affected 2005 jeep
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grand cherokees and the ones in 2006. the problem has caused 26 accidents. they plan to fix the problem at no cost if you take your car to the dealer. >> a man in texas is arrested for bomb making material. his arrest stands out because he was first to respopd to the dead low plant explosion. investigators stress they have not linked him to the disaster but they want his story. breaking and developing on this saturday. a hostage situation is already deadly. more innocent people may be trapped in with the gun man. stay with us. she's still the one for you -
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ndeveloping story we are following this saturday. a stand off and hostage situation in trenton, new jersey. it has been going since yesterday afternoon when a man barricaded himself in the home. we don't know if the hostages are children. we know a mother and her child died in all of this. that welcome's cousin said the victim had been dating the suspect. >> they were dating three months. i don't know what went wrong or how it went wrong, but this is what we have now. very tragic. >> we were slow to get to that
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but fast to the reporter. dave with fox 29 in trenton near the house, dave, what is going on now? >> harris, good evening, this is a tense situation in south trenton. o one woman has died. i am going to step out of the way. we'll lock in south trenton. we are past of the 24- hour mark. it started before 3 o'clock when a neighbor called authorities to check on the people in the house. officers saw the suspect with a gun and they backed out and the suspect barricaded himself here. and we have a note from the
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prosecutor's office. they are negotiating with the suspect frequently over the phone. it is not clear what the suspect is demanding. we don't know how many weapons he has. law enforcement is not commenting on the investigation. but they are saying that the fbi is involved and the new jersey state police is working as it as well. there were family members that crossed the police line emotional and anxious to get it over with. they had to be restrained where neighbors and family members are watching it unfold. there is a lot of emotions boiling over.
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i had a question of whether there were children inside and you said yes. that is disturbing considering that one child is dead. is there any sort of evacuation? what are the neighbors being told? >> we understand that a small portion of the area was evacuated. law enforcement not telling us the exact number but the immediate vicinitty and many people are watching this whole thing and watching the news cameras from all over the place and trying to take pictures and some people so it as a spectacle but it is a serious and tragic situation. it is the negotiators trying to negotiate with the suspect to bring it to an end without more blood shed. dave, thank you for us in trenton, new jersey.
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the united states sending a nuclear powered aircraft to south korea. not everyone is happy about it and a royal pays a visit to wounded warriors. prince harry visiting on this side of the pond and a and ceremony. stay with us us here on fox. . welcome wom
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woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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>>announceastronaut an irs sca targeted americans because of their conservative beliefs. and a tea party group rejected the apology after the agency admitted it targeted conservative groups in the 2012 presidential election. several members of congress are calling for a full investigation. astronauts fixing an emergency leak on the international space station. nasa plans to monitor the situation in case another leak appears. an attorney for emt for west, texas said his client will plead
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not guilty to and charges. his client had no connection to the fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14 people last month. who role did the man play when the explosion understand? >> as you said prosecutors have not charged him for the fire but making a piem bomb. he was an incident commander and assigned to one side and his best friend cyrus died in the blast. next day reed was profiled as a brave and sympathetic figure that mourned the loss of his collogs. to locals he was overexposed. he said i messed up and i have issues that are coming back. he spoke at a city- wide memorial about the loss of his
4:33 pm
friend. >> cyrus hated the term "hero" we shared the building that they are persons eched in marble and that is reserved for those who paid the ultimate price and others faultered or would run. >> cyrus reed's sister said the two mens were not friends and the number was not if her brother's telephone. >> a h. as we learn more about this prosecutors are arresting him but. >> there is nothing stopping that the pipe bomb hassing in to do with the blast and no evidence that reid is involved but they have not steered reporters away from speculation. it was investigated as an industrial fire likely started boy accident.
4:34 pm
the state fire marshall ruled out weather, electrical malfunction and there is now a criminal investigation. according to the a tf he had steel pipe and metal shrapnel. >> he's held without bail and faces ten years in jail and his next court date it may 15th. >> we'll watch the case close low. >> it was the seen of our nation's shooting. and now a task force of 28 elected newtown officials voted in favor of tearing down the school and replacing it with a new building at the cost of $60 million.
4:35 pm
the panel considered refurbishing the schol. the final decision will be up to the schol bord. the children are attending classes in a neighboring city. officials hope to have a new school ready by 2016. as you know it is five months since a gunman walked in sandy hook and walked in with an automatic rifle and killed 20 students and six educator. in syria, two car bombs exploded in a turbish town and killing 40 people and injuries 100 others. one went off by the town city hall. they expect syria was behind the explosion. in washington secretary of state john kerry was quick to condemn the violence. there are growing concern that violence from syria's civil war
4:36 pm
will spill in turkey. it is estimated 70,000 people have died since the war started. >> the u.s. prepares to withdraw from the war in afghanistan. millions of voters went to the polls in peculiars. it was one of the deadliest days in voting. and so far it was a campaign season full of violence. people were killed in election- related attacks and terrorist kept up the assault. conner is in the region. >> turn out is large in pakiss stan. more than 130 people were killed
4:37 pm
many by the pak istani ta liban. it is led by the president and the muslim league sharif. and a third now party led by a cricket star and he's seen as a change from the corrupt middle class. he is strong with young voters and also anti- american and promised to end the american drone program if elected. several candidates vowed to reign in america. the u.s. relies on pakiss stop. it is also the supporter of the particulataliban
4:38 pm
>> conner thank you. it is a twist asked complicated relationship between pakiss stan and the united states. the civilian government is set to peacefully hand over power to another elected government. the u.s. relies on the government there to fight islamic militants and since the september 11th attacks, they have received $18 billion in u.s. aid. >> u.s. forces took out osama bin laden inside of his compound in pakisstan. >> the u.s. is sending a aircraft to south korea. north korea condemning it a head of the a ratifial time. it is our top story.outh korea,
4:39 pm
powered aircraft carrier pulling in the port for routine joint andses between america and the south. its arrival held protest and chants of get out korea. (chanting) china, cars submerged in water up to the officer tops torrential rains and one person has died in the floeding. rescow boats is not to rescue people. and shades over the cage asks setting off sprinklers in the enclosure. may and june the hottest months in india and temperatures up to 116 degrees.
4:40 pm
austral, a giant flying fish for the 100 birthday celebration. it is twice the size of the balloons. they call it sky whale. it was hideous. >> we love the face. >> giant fish costing $300,000 that better be cute. and the weather alert in the last little while we have seen sevoer weather warnings pop up. there is a cold mother's day forecast a head for some of you. a lot happening. our meteorologist is in the center. >> a couple of cold fronts and potential of sevoer weather and moving in from canada that you talked about. we'll talk about the risk for hail and isolated tornados as the first cold front moves through and bringing stronger
4:41 pm
storms in the mideast &at atlantic. there is hail and damaging winds. and we have not seen warnings but severe thorm warnings and we have cold front to drop the temperatures and cold enough for snow in portions of upstate new york and vernont and new hampshire into monday. hopefully it is the last of it. we have freeze warnings in the great lakes and the aplatchian areas and vegetation will suffer unfortunately. your lows will be cold. warmer in the gulf coast and the west. we are looking at warm dry conditions and early next week. tomorrow's highs we remain warm
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and warm up in the midwest and northeast especial low on tuesday. they are jumping up 30 degrees from what they will be tomorrow. harris, happy mother's day to you. one of my favorite mothers. >> right back at you. >> a wild scene caught on camera and bicycles and get that guy on the bike. they are chasing a bear on the lamb. they have been trying to coral this guy for days. >> hum. i don't know. that would be on twitter, i guess. they got it in the cage. with my friends, we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free
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i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain,
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it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain peculia
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two police officers in a wild shootout with a man barricaded in his home. that is the first stop across america. minnesota, minneapolis police say it understand after the suspect took off in a traffic stop barricading himself in a nearby home. neighbors looked on in shock. >> all of the sudden, the officers swarmed the house and like you see in the movies, they are all behind the cars. >> the suspect died in the
4:47 pm
shootout. another officer on the way to the scene cloyeded with a motorcycle. the driver died. california, an alleged bicycle thief makes a get away. and a group cheering on the riders. thos when he made his move. and the local newspaper catching the suspect. he is still on the loose. washington, this is not your average bear. he managed to avoid wild life officers for three days until he was tranquilized and caught. he is in good health and will be released in the wild. in the golden state. a sergeant rurping from kosovo
4:48 pm
early. he went to surproys the daughter and then the son. >> i couldn't do anything. welcome home, sergeant. that's the fox watch across america. new information keeps emerging from the benghazi scandal. we'll have more from the law makers that speak out on the sunday show. the other media is deciding to join us. stay with us. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members,
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>> tomorrow, we expect plenty of
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new reaction to the unfolding scandal on the terror attack in the outpost in benghazi, libya. there will be a new report revuling the administration's talking points and underwent a dozens of revisions before going public. including reforming references to terror and islamic extremeim. at the white house reporters bomb barreded jay carney with the references of al-qaeda and terrorism and extremist. carne said the white house only made one stylistic change. >> there was preliminary assess ams and concern about preserving the integrity of the
4:53 pm
investigation. that was not just in the state department. >> the standard shows that general david petera us and it was in he was expressing frustration at the obama removal of the al-qaeda from the talking points. >> i respect the people who spoke up in the course of the hearings. they were there and they felt the horror of the terror attack. terse terrorist. it is a prolonged process that doesn't tell us anything new about the attacks. nthere is 12 versions.
4:54 pm
they lessed the many instances when the agent issued warnings about the condition of benghazi, the state department spokes woman e-mailed colleagues to say it could be used boy congress to beat up the state department. why would we want to feed that either? concerned. and the documents show cull paability to ansar al-sharia, she is not a e-mail warning. we don't want to bridge disthe investigation. and a national security official told newleft-hand that the fbi didn't have concerns and offered only minor suggestions. now land said the building leadership. they decloined to say who was in mind. >> i can't say who is referred to. but in general terms, when we ask them inside of the
4:55 pm
organization and negotiating on line, sometimes we make reference to other individuals or policy makers. the white house appeared to reject calls by boehner to release the e-mails at the house oversight hearing. jay carney said those documents have been made available to law makers and speaker boehner. >> fear in a movie theater. a man carrying a gun walks in to a screening of ironman 3. g fo. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens,
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>> the owners of a movie theater in missouri are apologyize are for a publicity stunt. fan excitement turning to fear when a man walked in the theater intactical gear and brandishing a gun. that triggered chilling memories of the theater mass cure. and a royal visit for the wounded warriors, prince harry in the warrior games in colorado. and the prince is a combat hept pilot himself and he jumped in a volleyball game. tomorrow prince harry heading up the cycling.
5:00 pm
we'll have huckabee starting now. . tonight on huckabee. orders to stand down on a rescue mission. nthey were furious and proof that the talking points were changed. has the truth on benghazi comes to light, the governor asked. >> what difference does it make? it matters to the friends and family? mast master -- shawn smith's mother on why she blames the

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